EUR | Manually Created Google Ads account | Germany | Manually farmed | Age from a week

19 pcs. Price per 1pcs 8.23 $.


The accounts were created from scratch. All Google Ads registrations were done without the use of SMS, which ensures trust from the very moment of their creation. During the registration and subsequent data collection for these accounts, we used our own mobile proxies from Germany. You will need to link your card to this account and pay for advertising services. Everything is ready to start (the advertisement has not yet been launched).

Here are some key points in our data collection process:

  • Watching videos on YouTube includes keyword search, scrolling, liking or disliking, and watching videos. The activity continues daily.
  • Active use of the search engine, keyword search, transitions to sites, full simulation of a real user's activity.
  • Transitions and active interaction on sites with deep views (including blogs, online stores, services, etc.) with Google Analytics.
  • Registration and active participation in social networks and other social services, including (but not limited to): Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Academia, Slack, Medium, AliExpress, StudyPool, Yahoo, Booking, Notino, Dropbox, W3School, WordPress and so on.
  • Surfing and subscribing to well-known sites about development, marketing, setting up advertising campaigns etc.

Country of registration: Germany

Registration method: Web version. Manual registration.

Proxy during registration: LTE Mobiles, Residential

TCP/IP fingerprints at registration: Windows

✅ Tips for logging in and further use of accounts:

  • Login into the system indicating the backup email. No confirmation code is required. There is no access to the backup mail.
  • The account should be accessed using an antidetect browser and a proxy corresponding to the account's geolocation.
  • It is not recommended to launch the account immediately after logging in, as this can lead to its blocking.
  • Accounts should be authorized in the browser.
  • Only high-quality residential or private mobile proxies from the account's geolocation should be used.
Detailed account guidelines can be found in the account file at the link
⚠️ IMPORTANT! Non-compliance with tips can cause problems with the account! In these cases, replacement is not provided!

General tips for working with the account and launching an advertising campaign:

  • After logging into the account, let it "rest" for 4-6 hours.
  • To increase the level of trust in the account, make several search queries on Google and YouTube.
  • Visit several popular online stores and product pages.
  • Create advertising campaigns with small budgets. Try to "warm up" the account before launching the main advertisement.

✅ Replacement cases:

  • If there are problems with access.
  • If the account was already blocked upon entry.

❌ No replacement if:

  • If the account was blocked after any actions in it, such as card binding, launching ads etc.
  • If the account was blocked due to inactivity on the next day (Warranty until end of day). In this case, claims are not accepted.
  • If the account requires linking a personal number to continue working or enable 2FA. It is recommended to link a number, this is normal.
Accounts format: login:password:backup_email:password:cookies