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Buy YouTube Accounts. YouTube Channels with Tracking.

A considerably large number of users, the possibility of rapid development, and relatively simple management attract a lot of attention to YouTube from those who want to earn money from content creation, gain recognition, and fame in their field of activity. There are many options for content creation training, so it is possible to easily choose an offer that best meets the requirements and preferences of a new user.

It is interesting to note that one of the most challenging steps at the very beginning is the competent design of your account, filling in all the fields, creating a cover and a header, which will meet all the requirements of the platform and at the same time be attractive enough for other users.

For this reason, it is much easier and faster to buy a YouTube account in our online store and not worry about potential problems in the future.

Why Buy YouTube Accounts?

In fact, there are many reasons to buy a YouTube account, and it all depends on the buyer's goals, whether they need subscribers on the channel or they are buying an option without an audience, and so on.

YouTube accounts are divided into two main large categories depending on the presence of subscribers from the start:

  1. Empty accounts. Buying a YouTube channel without subscribers and content is worth it if you just want to save time on registration and designing the header, creating a cover, and filling in all the main sections. Such profiles are completely clean, simply registered on the social network. They are perfect for independently building a shooting concept, choosing the optimal direction of work, style of information presentation, and so on. For example, an account can be used to attract traffic using 'grey' channels, meaning filling it with videos simply copied from external sources.
  2. Filled channels. They have higher cost indicators and at the same time allow for quick and easy development on YouTube. Buying a YouTube channel with a chosen style of content and design, a specific theme, with or without an audience, is worth it if you plan to start earning using it in the shortest possible time. You can buy an account with a small but active audience, or you can buy a channel that already has a large audience. In our store, there is a wide assortment of channels, so you can buy a YouTube account with tracking that best meets all the requirements and preferences of the buyer.

If necessary, you can get help from our specialist in choosing the optimal offer, which will be convenient to use, meet the buyer's requirements, and have affordable cost indicators. We sell quality-designed and fully filled channels, so there is no need to spend time on minor tasks – you can immediately start using the channel without any restrictions.

What Should You Base Your Choice on When Choosing an Empty Account?

Buying a YouTube account with tracking without content is much simpler, as when choosing the optimal offer, it is enough to pay attention to just 3 main points: registration address, confirmation via SMS, and design. It is recommended to prefer those channels that have been tracked – they were created from one month to one year ago. In this case, checks by the administrators of the social network will be minimal, requirements for videos will be quite vague, so you can use the account with few restrictions in various directions.

More quality and safe to use are the options that involve double confirmation via SMS. They have increased limits for sending messages during the day, and there is also the possibility to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. If there is no double confirmation, you can only upload short videos to the account.

What Points Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Filled Account?

Before purchasing an already designed channel with some audience and uploaded videos, it is necessary to study a large number of factors to ensure the channel's successful use. If you purchase an account without prior research, the risk of problems with its use significantly increases. So, before buying, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The quality of uploaded videos and their direction. It is worth reviewing all the content to familiarize yourself with the direction of the format and understand if you will be able to support it in the future. It is mandatory to check for the absence of violations of copyright, although when buying a channel from us, you do not have to do this, as all content strictly meets the established requirements of the platform;
  • Check for the absence of strikes and assess the possibility of adhering to the rules when continuing to publish similar content. It is necessary to view the statistics and study the channel's activity, ensure there are no warnings and realistically assess your ability to continue shooting videos in this direction;
  • Assess the complexity of editing, communication with subscribers, frequency of publication, and other factors affecting the requirements for the frequency and quality of publication. There are channels where videos need to be uploaded daily to maintain activity and achieve excellent results in the chosen field of activity, and there are those where it is enough to post new publications only 1-2 times a month. Each buyer chooses the offer that is convenient for them, depending on the availability of free time to maintain the existing activity. If the publication activity drops, there may be unsubscribes;
  • The audience present on the channel. It is necessary to understand what exactly supports the interest of viewers, why they decided to subscribe to the channel, why they like it, and so on. You can conduct a survey directly from the account to get public opinion, as well as conduct analytics to obtain reliable information about the audience. If you do not take into account the interests of most viewers and seriously change the content, then activity can significantly decrease, and statistics will worsen.

The more features of the YouTube account are studied before its purchase, the less likely you are to encounter possible problems in the future. If necessary, you can get help from our specialists in selecting the optimal channel that can be managed without major problems in the future.