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CAD | Manually Created Google Ads account | Canada | Manually farmed | Age from a week

The accounts were initiated from zero. All Google Ads accounts were registered without the use of SMS, which assures trust at the creation stage. In the process of registration and subsequent data collection of these accounts, our proprietary mobile proxies from Canada were employed. In this account, you will need to bind your card and pay for advertising services. Everything is ready for launch (the advertisement has not been activated yet).

Here are some pivotal stages of our data collection process:

  • Accounts are fully prepared for launching advertising campaigns.
  • There is an active Google search, transitions, full imitation of real user activity.
  • Transitions and active interaction on sites with high view depth (including blogs, online stores, services, etc.) using Google Analytics.
  • Registration and active participation in social networks and other social services, including but not limited to: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Academia, Slack, Medium, AliExpress, StudyPool, Yahoo, Booking, Notino, Dropbox, W3Schools, WordPress, etc.
  • Browsing and subscribing to well-known sites about development, marketing, setting up advertising campaigns etc.




Registration Country: Canada

Registration Method: Web version. Manual creation.

Proxy at Registration: LTE Mobiles, Residential

TCP/IP fingerprints at registration: Windows

Login recommendations

  • Login to the system by stipulating a backup email. There's no requirement for code reception. Access to the backup mail isn't provided.
  • Login to the account should be executed using an antidetect browser and a proxy that aligns with the geolocation of the account.
  • Immediate operation post login is inadvisable as it may lead to account suspension.
  • The accounts should be authenticated in the browser.
  • Only top-tier residential or mobile private proxies from the geolocation of the account should be employed.
  • Post login, let the account "rest" for 4-6 hours.
  • To enhance the trust level of the account, initiate a few search queries on Google and YouTube.
  • Pay a visit to several renowned online stores and product pages.
  • Create ad campaigns with modest budgets. Endeavor to "warm up" the account prior to launching primary advertising.

Detailed account guidelines can be found in the account file at the link

⚠️ IMPORTANT! Ignoring these guidelines may cause issues with the account! In such cases, replacement is not offered!

Refund policy

Circumstances for replacement:

  • If there are issues concerning access.
  • If the account is already suspended upon login.

No replacement will be offered if:

  • The account was suspended post any actions within it, such as card linking, ad launching etc.
  • The account was suspended due to inactivity on the subsequent day (Warranty until end of day). In this case, complaints are not acknowledged.
  • If the account necessitates linking a personal number for continuation of work or enabling 2FA. It's recommended to link a number, it's considered standard procedure.