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User agreement

By agreeing to these terms when purchasing a product at, you accept the following provisions:

Section 1. Obligations of the store:

Support: Responses to inquiries within 24 hours. In most cases, responses will be faster, except during night hours.
Account Functionality: Accounts will function for 24 hours after purchase, provided the usage rules are followed (see Section 2). It is important to start using accounts immediately, as many platforms delete inactive accounts.
Account Replacement: Possible within 24 hours of purchase if they are non-functional due to store fault and usage rules are followed. Accounts blocked after user login are not eligible for replacement/refund.
Refunds: If replacement is not possible, refunds are processed to  Capitalist, USDT TRC20 or Freecassa. Refunds to bank cards and other payment systems are not available.
Exclusive Sale: Accounts are sold to one customer only and are not subject to resale.

Section 2. Account Usage Rules:

Login Restrictions: Prohibited to access two or more accounts without a proxy from the same device.
IP Address Requirements: Prohibited to use home static IP address, IPv6 proxies, public proxies, batch and shared proxies. Only personal IPv4 and mobile proxies are allowed.
VPN Usage: All paid and free VPN services are prohibited.
Technical Restrictions: Prohibited to use device emulators, virtual machines, VDS, and VPS servers.

Section 3. Additional Terms:

Order Storage: Orders are stored in the system for no more than one month.
Security Responsibility: After prolonged use of accounts, customers are required to change passwords and ensure their security.
Return and Replacement Conditions: Purchased and confirmed valid products are not subject to return or replacement.
Training Limitation: The store does not provide training or consultations on working with accounts.
Consent to Mailing: By purchasing and leaving an email, the customer automatically agrees to receive informational newsletters from the store, although they are infrequent.
Customer Confirmation:
By agreeing to the rules during the purchase, the customer confirms that:
Informed: The customer has read the detailed description of the accounts.
Agreement with Terms: The customer has reviewed and agrees with all the rules and conditions of the store.
Transfer of Responsibility: After purchasing a product, all responsibility for its use is transferred to the customer.
No Claims: In case of violation of the account usage rules, the customer has no right to make claims against the store or its staff.