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Hi, dear friend!

If you are here, then you are serious about getting a high ROI from Google Ads. In order for your campaign to perform well, and you can get a good return on your efforts  you need to follow two key recommendations that relate to:

  • authorisation in the account 
  • pre-farming the account



First, purchase a proxy of the account's GEO country. For example, if the account is US — you should have US proxies. Make sure it is not a VPN service, not cheap server/datacenter proxies, and not ipv6 type proxies. In other words you will be fine with quality resident proxies, S5 or mobile/rotary proxies. 



Be sure to use an anti-detect browser (multi-browser) to log in to your account
When logging in to your profile, use the login and password that comes with your account. If you use cookies for authorisation, you are likely to face account unlogging or SMS verification. Be sure to confirm in the Security Settings that you are the one who authorised your account
PLEASE NOTE: If you log in to your account using cookies, there will be no replacements after that.



  1. After authorisation, allow your account to "lay down" for about 24 hours. Do not try to launch a campaign immediately — this may negatively affect the "trust" of Google's anti-fraud system
  2. During this time, perform about 30 search queries in Google Search.
  3. Spend about two hours watching any YouTube videos from the purchased account (for example, set auto-play on any selection of videos while you complete the next step)
  4. Visit and sign up for various Google ad-related services: Google Admob, Google Adsense, Google Marketing Platform, Google Merchant Centre, Google My Business, Google Skillshop and others.



  • Verify your account: in the latest updates, Google asks for advertiser verification. You need to answer the questions on the form and in most cases wait for a response from Google Ads (this can usually take 2 to 14 days).
  • Add payment details (if you will be using your own) and create a payment profile just before launching your ad campaigns. The best way to add payment details is through Google Ads
  • Be sure to use the same profile in your anti-deact browser — through which you logged in to your account - for pre-farming and launching an advertising campaign.

Below is a list of services based on reviews and recommendations from users and the community

1. Anti-detect browsers for working with accounts:

2. Proxy services:

3. Payment solutions:

By using these simple tips you will greatly increase the chances of successfully launching your campaigns without account availability issues. We wish you the best of luck!

Any questions? Contact to the support manager  >>

Regards, Buy Accounts ADS shop team ❤️